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Jesus Fire Crusade Jattu

December 5, 2023


Our Crusade Ministry

"And He  gave  some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as  evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers," Eph.4:11

In the divine plan of the Lord, He appointed Israel and Lina Jimah to serve in the Body of Christ as Evangelists with a call to proclaim the living gospel of our Lord in massive miracle crusades. This unique call is manifest in mighty miracle crusades These Jesus Fire Crusades normally draw large crowds of people. It is the plan of God to get as many sinners as possible into the kingdom of God through the powerful proclamation of the gospel of Christ with signs and wonders following.

In obedience to the call of God the Jimahs have been involved in massive crusade evangelism with the goal of winning souls for the Lord and bringing His healing power to humanity. The call is enjoying a great divine backing by the manifestations of God's mighty miracle working power. Multitudes are saved, the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk, many incurable diseases are healed by the power of God and lives are turned around to the glory of God.

These crusades are going on from place to place as the Lord leads and great wonders are taking place on a consistent basis as the holy anointing of God is released upon the people in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ who died to save humankind from sin and all evil.

Village Pastors Family Support Programme.


In the course of our village crusades from place to place, we witness the way village pastors and their families suffers from lack of good food, clothes and other basic necessities. The children of these village pastors hardly have good education.  Our  heart was touched to begin to help them and that year, our Leaders, Israel and Lina Jimah took a lot from their wardrobe and those of their children to be a blessing to these village Pastors. As we gave them the clothes they jubilated for joy.  We remembered  giving a suit to one of the Pastors and he told us with great joy that the last time he got a suit was 10years ago.  Our  hearts bled and we took it upon ourselves to help these village Pastors as much as we can. Rev.Mrs.Lina Jimah is all out to empower the village Pastors' wives economically by teaching them some vocational skills that can help them contribute economically to their families and churches.


We want to call upon you to be a part of being a blessing to these village pastors and their families.




1.  To put smile on the faces of village pastors, their wives and their children

2.  To re-assure them that it is not a curse to be a pastor in the village.

3.  To help them to reflect the love of God before the villagers who do not understand that God loves His children.

4. To give the wives of village pastors, vocational training to enhance them financially.  

5.  To be a vessel in the hands of the Lord to help believers who are more privileged to share their blessing with their less privileged brethren who are serving as pastors in the villages of Africa.


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Jesus power at work

We trust God for more souls

Jesus Fire Crusade, Abule Iroko

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Ten years blindness gone

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The deaf hear in Jesus name

Israel preaching at JFC Abule Iroko, Nigeria.
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Jesus Fire Jattu Crusade rally

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